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If you're looking for an entirely new CS2 & CSGO gambling experience then look no further. Here at CSGOLuck.com, we have put all of our expertise and knowledge into offering you an experience that can't be found at any other CSGO gambling site out there.

Free Bonuses

Our mission here at CSGOLuck.com is to bring fairness, transparency and fun to CSGO gambling along with generous free bonuses so that you, as a player, can enjoy CSGO gambling safe in the knowledge that you're playing on a CS:GO gambling site that has you at the heart of everything.

We are known for our Free bonus offer and our provably fair games which in turn makes us an incredibly reputable site for all of your CS2 & CSGO gambling needs. Here at CSGOluck.com we pride ourself on being the best CSGO casino around.

We have provided a blend of traditional casino games alongside CSGO gambling which makes us perfect for all of your gamblings needs, alongside our provably fair system, this makes us one of the best CSGO Gambling sites on offer to-date.

Why are we different than other skin gambling sites?

Since the the beginning of CSGO gambling there have been many ways of gambling CSGO skins. Here at CSGO Luck we offer a huge range of CSGO gambling games that you can play with ease.

On our site you will find live casino games which means you can play with other players around the world at any time.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly CSGO Gambling

Our website and CSGO casino games are optimised for mobile devices and desktop devices which means you can you can gamble on the go with our mobile and tablet gambling or simply relax at home on the desktop while enjoying CSGOLuck.com.

What Skins can you Win at CSGOLuck

Here is a table of all the types of CSGO Skins that you can win at CSGOLuck:

CSGO Gloves

CSGO/CS2 Knives

Machine Gun Skins

Other Skins

Pistol Skins

Rifle Skins

Shotgun Skins

SMG skins

Sniper Rfile Skins


What CSGO Gambling games do we offer on our Counter strike global offensive gambling site?

All our our live games can be played by depositing CSGO Skins, Card Payments and Crypto Currency.

Not only do we offer our players giveaways, sign up bonus codes and promo codes, including free coins and free skins, but we provide a whole range of different games where you can win skins which include:

CSGO Case Battle

CSGO Case Battle is a case opening game where players have players have to gamble cases.

The rules of this game are simple! To win simply open cases and see if the skins are worth more than your opponent in a 1v1 environment.

It's all simply down to luck! this is one of our most popular CSGO casino games and this is why we are regarded as one of the best CSGO gambling sites in the CSGO gambling industry.

CSGO Case Opening

If you are looking for an alternative method to open CSGO cases, we have you covered we offer an abundance of cases to open on CSGOluck.com, which brings an excellent alternative to Valves in game case opening.

You can open cases for skins at wide range of different skin values. For each case you open there will be a different outcome each time.

This game is very popular with our users due to the rare skins in the cases dependent on which case you open!

CSGO Coinflip

CSGO Coin flip is a very popular way to partake in skin gambling it allows you to wager your bets with real money and CSGO skins. CSGO coin flip is a very simple game to play, you have a 50% chance of winning on our Coinflip games - which is much more than other gambling games that we offer on CSGOluck.com

CSGO Crash

CSGO Crash is also one of the most popular ways to gamble on CSGO, and is on many skin gambling sites, Crash is a popular game that our users enjoy.

CSGO Jackpot

CSGO Jackpot is one of the most exciting and high risk ways to gamble and is on most CSGO gambling sites and here at CSGO Luck we provide a fair and great way to play CSGO Jackpot in comparison to other online gambling sites.

CSGO Mines

CSGOLuck.com provide a mind sweeper style game that is also known as a traditional casino game and is very popular on skin betting sites and here at CSGOluck.com we offer Mines for all of our members to play at ease!

CSGO Towers

CSGO Towers is another provably fair game that  is popular amongst our users is towers and can be played live with gamers all around the world who play Counter Strike Global Offensive!

CSGO Slots

We have wide range of slot games which for you to use. Our slots are varied, we have a huge catalogue of interactive slot games that work on mobile and desktop.

CSGO Roulette

If your looking for a unique CSGO roulette experience than look no further than CSGOLuck, playing roulette here is just like playing it at any other gambling sites.

How to sign up to CSGO Luck to start CSGO Gambling

To get started betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at CSGOLuck, you need to sign up. Registration is very simple, just follow these steps.

  1. Click on the registration button at the right-hand corner of the site.
  2. Enter your personal details in the registration form including
  3. Date of birth
  4. Full name
  5. Place of residence
  6. Link your Steam Account if you have one.
  7. Make your first deposit
  8. Enjoy our full range of games and free bonuses to bet and play on!

Why We Are Better Than Other CSGO Gambling Sites in 2024

CSGO gambling has been around for quite some time now - and in that time, there have been a number of CSGO gambling sites all offering the world - including skin gambling sites, case opening sites and sites offering minesweeper games. They all purport to be 'the best roulette site' or 'match betting site'. However, here at CSGOluck.com, we have looked at all of these CSGO sites and popular betting sites to bring you the best of all the other CSGO gambling sites and then add that something extra to make us the Best CSGO gambling site around..

We also offer gamblers lots of different payments including CSGO skins and items from your Steam inventory as well as your own money. You can have fun playing against other players to win the best CS GO goodies at a trustworthy and dynamic CSGO gambling site.

Bonuses at CSGOLuck for Skin Gambling

All the best CSGO betting sites and gambling websites offer new players a signup bonus, and that's certainly the case here. As soon as you open a new account here are CSGOLuck, you can enter the new player bonus code and claim a free case which could contain a free skin, free coins or another free CSGO item that you can use at CSGOLuck - one of the best CS:GO gambling sites 2024 in the industry.

Claiming your free case is simple, just sign up for a new account, deposit skins or money and claim your free case. You can then use whatever is in the case to play on different game modes and try out the site. As you can see we're rated one of the best CSGO Gambling sites on well known publications like the Village Voice.

Fast Withdrawals

Rest assured your deposits and withdrawals are safe, secure and fast. There are some bad sites in the industry that make withdrawals slow and difficult. However, here at CSGOLuck, we want to make sure that your online gambling experience - from the minute you deposit to the minute you withdraw, is the best CSGO skin gambling experience possible.

As soon as you win your game, we make sure that you can withdraw skins straight away, directly to your Steam account. You can process skin withdrawals into your steam account by heading over to our market, where you can get a price for your skin that reflects exactly what it is worth.

Here at CSGOLuck we are heavily customer focused and put customer satisfaction and support at the forefront of CSGO gambling.

Deposit CSGO skins or Real Money

The best CSGO gambling websites are open to all players - and that's why we offer deposits with CSGO skins or real money, depending on what suits you the best. All the gambling sites that have made an impact in the CS Go betting industry are those that cater to all players - old and new, and this starts with the deposits.

We believe it is important to allow players to deposit in the manner that suits them the most. If you are new and haven't yet accrued any nice skins yet, then it doesn't matter - you can enjoy whatever CSGO gambling game you want on our site with real money deposits straight into your CSGOLuck.com account.

Cryptocurrency deposits accepted

Not only do we accept skins and money deposits, but we also accept cryptocurrency deposits. If you prefer to transfer your bitcoin cash to buy skins and play roulette, crash and other extremely popular games, then you can do so here at CSGOLuck.com.

Provably Fair Casino Games

One of the most important factors of any CSGO gambling site is that it offers its players provably fair casino games. This is true of CSGOLuck.com. Not only do we offer a huge amount of CS GO games and game mode options, but all of our casino games are probably fair, so that you know whether you play coinflip, crash, roulette or any other game on our list, this is one of safest, fairest and best sites out there.

Customer Support

We want to provide our customers with the best customer service out there, so that should you have any trouble signing up, can't open cases, claim promotions, need he or want to review a game that you have played to make sure that it's true and fair, you can talk to someone. Good customer support is top of our list for what sets us as one of the best CSGO betting sites around.


What is the house-edge at CSGOLuck?

The house edge at CSGOLuck.com, like all other CSGO gambling sites, very much depends on the game you play. Games such as coin flip have a lower house edge than games like crash. It also depends on the game mode you play. Check out each variant for more details.

Why am I being asked for KYC documents?

All gambling sites, including CS:GO gambling sites are required to make sure that they follow a system that prevents fraud and money laundering. As such, we need to be sure that all deposits and withdrawals are being made honestly. These documents just confirm that you are who you say you are and that the money you are opening a new account, depositing and withdrawing is honest. KYC checks don't take long but are essential and are not required for all withdrawals. However we believe this is vital to ensure that we keep the users using our site and secure to ensure that we remain one of the most trusted sites for CSGO gambling.

Can I refer my friends?

Yes, as with all CS:GO gambling sites, we actively encourage you to refer your friends by offering referral promotional codes.

Do we have social media?

We have Twitter which we often do frequent giveaways on, so follow us by clicking here to stay or alternatively following us by searching our twitter handle which is @officialcsluck

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