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CSGO Case Opening 2023

Since the beginning of CSGO gambling, there have been different CSGO case opening sites. Some are better than others - and here at CSGOLuck.com, we want to make sure that you know you are opening cases at a CS:GO site that is provably fair and trustworthy. If you are new to case opening then you will need to know exactly how it works.

The basics are simple - you choose a case based on case price - obviously, the more you pay, the more chance of getting premium cases. When you choose your case, you can see all the possible CSGO skins or items that you might get alongside the percentage drop chance for them. Case opening at a CSGO gambling site is better than case opening in the Valve Steam market for a few reasons. First, you can get a variety of different cases including classic cases and even a hydra case - but for better prices.

What is CS:GO Case Opening?

If you know the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will know that part of the fun is getting skins to decorate your weapons, and to build up your Steam inventory. This is where CSGO case opening sites come into play. One of the most regular ways of getting new skins is by opening cases. Users buy a key to open a case. However, the user does not know and has no control over which skin is in the case. For each case you open, there will be a different outcome - a standard skin or a valuable skin. However, nothing is guaranteed and what you get is a matter of luck.

Before CSGO gambling sites started offering case opening, users had to rely on the market. However, now the best sites, like us here at CSGOLuck offer you the same experience of opening cases but with the best prices. You can open cases with us for rewards such as CSGO Skins - of all different values.

Is CSGO Case Opening Rigged?

The problem that some users encounter is knowing whether the CS GO case opening websites are fair or rigged. Here at CSGOLuck, you can be sure that the game and the mechanics we use are all provably fair. We use a provably fair to determine what is in the CSGO case as it is unboxed. Just the same as if you were playing Crash, Coinflip or Roulette, the concept of fair play is the same. The game is still all about luck and the truth is that the more valuable the skin or item is, the less chance there is of it dropping.

Every single possible outcome of the case opening is given a roll number between 1 and 1,000,000. Every roll is determined by a combination of three factors:

  1. The Client Seed - This comes from you and your browser - you can see it and consent to change it before you open a case - you can also look at other users seeds if you want.
  2. The Server Seed: his number is assigned by us at CSGOLuck. WE can show you an encrypted version of the number before you play so that you know it is not changed during play but you also can't work out what you'll get before play. You can verify this afterwards.
  3. The Play Count: This is simply the number of games you have played on our website. This means that every game you play will have a different outcome because your play count would have increased.

These three factors combined means that we have no way to personalize content in the case. If you do have any questions or concerns over your winning skin then you can contact us and we can review it with you so that you understand exactly what happened and why you got that specific skin.

Do all CSGO Cases Have the Same Odds?

Yes. Every single item has a roll number assigned to it and this means that with 1,000,000 possible outcomes, the probability doesn't change whether you play once or 100 times.

You make a deposit and choose your case. We will then mine an already mined blockchain node which will hold the result of the drop. Whatever the number is (between 1 and 1,000,000) you then get the corresponding item.

CSGO Case Opening FAQs

How Do I Know Case Opening at CSGOLuck is Fair?

You can rest assured that we odder a provably fair system with a hash attached to every game, so that we can review and go over any game, case opening or otherwise. We lead the way when it comes to fair play CSGO sites, offering a secure website and total transparency. All of the reviews you read about us are genuine reviews so that you can find out about other players' experiences.

Why Should I Open a Case at CSGOLuck?

In balance, there are several reasons to play at CSGOLuck. Firstly, if you open a case at CSGOLuck, you will get a better price than at the Valve Steam market - which means you can play more to get more chances to win valuable skins. What's more at our site, we offer players a better browsing experience and more user-friendly gameplay than other CSGO websites.

What Other Games Can I Play at CSGOLuck?

Other games we offer here at our CSGOLuck site include Roulette, Crash, Coinflip and Jackpot - giving you even more chances to win skins and other goodies.