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Since the beginning of CSGO Gambling, there have been many different case-opening sites, some are seen as better than others. Here at CSGOLuck.com, we have provided a plethora of opportunities to open CSGO cases on our website, with many cases offering the best prices and a provably fair system for each CS:GO case that we provide. The ultimate way at winning valuable items and an expensive skin, with the same chance for all users. Whether you are looking for a mil spec skin, highly coveted, or immortal contraband skin, we have got you covered.

You can use our withdraw button to withdraw your rare items and skins, or deposit them simply from your Steam account and inventory. Or you can use our industry-leading payment systems and methods to deposit your balance, with the best cost around, with a chance at getting free skins.

Opening Counter Strike cases the easiest way has never been simpler! We provide a great difference to the regular Steam market with more special cases being added daily to our site for extra luck and fun on all of our games and service on our website!

We are here to provide you with the best case opening with an experience like no other. We are one of the most highly recommended sites for opening cases, due to our service, history and great rewarding system, with the best security on our website for our method with all users involved.

You can enjoy a bonus on your first deposit which is 100% for your first 100 coins, this provides a great benefit for new users and a chance to open free cases and makes the prices even greater!

Opening CSGO Cases

The basics and service are incredibly simple for our users - You decide to choose a case based on price, obviously, the more you pay, the more chance you get with our special cases, for more value with some containing rare weapons and knives! As stated previously our systems are provably fair and proven with the best price and security for all users when using our case service at CSGOLuck.

If you know the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will know that part of the fun for users is getting skins by cases or waiting for drops to decorate your weapons, receive rewards and improve your Steam inventory, and show it off to your friends or team. CS Cases can often provide a great upgrade on the player's items as cases with our service can include a skin for a weapon, a knife and gloves, to complete a collection. Why dont you try out our CSGO Case Battles game if you want to try and beat another player. 

Users buy a key to open a case that is often sold on the market for real dollars. However, the user does not know and has no control over which skin is in the case or boxes, which can be a waste of money. For each case you open on our website, there will be a different outcome - a standard skin or a valuable skin. However, nothing is guaranteed with our service and what you get is a matter of luck when you play on our case opening site for all users. However, as stated previously the price and range of skins for the CSGO game is greater than the Steam marketplace with also a chance at getting free skins.

Are The Cases and Case Prices Rigged?

The problem that some users encounter is knowing whether the CS GO case opening websites are fair or rigged. Here at CSGOLuck and important to take note, you can be sure that the game and the system mechanics we use are all provably legitimate We use a provably fair to determine what is in the CSGO case as it is unboxed. Just the same as if you were playing Crash, Coinflip or Roulette, the concept of fair playing is the same, our security measures have provided a trusted service on our site. If you have any questions you can contact us, our agents will respond fast with slow wait times. You are always on a good stand when it comes to our site, so do not worry about the legitimacy of the site.

Positive Reviews

You can find us on TrustPilot where you will find many positive reviews on our service which makes us one of the most recommended sites in comparison to other case-opening sites. This is a vibrant sign that we are trusted around the world and in the Counter-Strike Community as a whole.