Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get coins / make a deposit?

Simply go to the Deposit page, located on the top right-hand side of the screen in the navigation bar on Desktop, or the top option inside the hamburger menu on mobile devices, and use your preferred method to get coins and top up your balance.

Currently, we offer deposits by CSGO skins via our P2P market, Paypal via Kinguin gift cards, and a variety of payment cards including Visa and Mastercard via Stripe. We also accept cryptocurrency deposits in the form of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. If you’d like to deposit crypto but don’t have any, you have the option to easily buy crypto via Onramper right from the Deposit page without the need to leave the site.


Wagering = 10xp per coin wagered on every game except slots, slots don't give any xp.

Remember, if you're super charged this is then doubled for 2 hours.

Why can't I see my CSGO skins?

For us to be able to see your Steam inventory and list your CSGO skins, your Steam profile needs to be public. Click HERE to check your settings and make sure your profile is set to public in your Steam privacy settings.

How can I withdraw skins?

Simply go to the Withdraw page, located on the top right-hand side of the screen in the navigation bar on Desktop, or the second option inside the hamburger menu on mobile devices. There you can see all the items listed on our local market. If you don’t find something you like, you can use the Market dropdown on the filters section of the Withdraw page to switch to Waxpeer’s marketplace where you can find over 20,000 items listed by other people to choose from.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

There are automatic limitations based on your activity on the site and the amount of deposits you have made so far. The more you deposit, the higher your withdrawal limit would be. If you’d like to withdraw an item that is higher than your limit, you can contact support to ask for a higher limit.

Does CSGOLuck have a bet limit?

Every game on CSGOLuck has a different minimum and maximum limit. You can find out the limits by using the Min and Max buttons in the bet placement controls of each game. If your balance is higher than the maximum bet limit, the bet amount would be set at the max, otherwise, it would match your balance.

I was contacted by a member of CSGOLuck staff on Steam?

No one from the CSGOLuck team will ever contact you through any means other than our official support email address which is [email protected]

Make sure you don’t respond to anyone contacting you through Steam, Discord, or any other platform, as it would most likely be a kind of scam.

Is CSGOLuck provably fair?

Like every other legit and respected platform, every game available on CSGOLuck is provably fair. This means we are 100% transparent on the way we operate the games and there is no way for us to manipulate or influence the result of any match in favor of us or any other player. Provably Fair page is dedicated to the full explanation and technical details of every single game where you can get more information on the methods used to run these games as fair as possible.

You can access Provably Fair’s page from the footer of the site, or through Provably Fail link available on every game’s page.  

What is KYC and how does it work?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is essentially a set of standard checks to make sure the user is eligible to be present and active in this environment. Like any other licensed and legal operator, we are required by law to perform these routine checks to comply with Anti Money Laundering laws, territorial and age restrictions.

We have a simple and quick wizard accessible via the User Profile that gets the information from you and submits it to our team for review. If everything checks out, your application is usually verified within a few hours and you will have access to all the features offered by CSGOLuck.

If you have not voluntarily gone through the process, you will be asked to submit the necessary documents upon withdrawal.  

How does the P2P system work?

Our P2P or Player to Player system is in effect on both deposits and withdrawals of CSGO skins.

When you deposit a skin, our system automatically lists it on the market for everyone to see. When a potential buyer tries to withdraw that skin, we ask you to confirm the trade and help you through the process with our very intuitive trade interface.

The same happens on the other side when you try to withdraw an item. We inform the seller of your interest and make the trade happen through Steam’s trading system.

We connect the buyers and sellers and make sure the items get exchanged as smoothly as possible.

The whole procedure is as easy as following the directions you see on the screen at each step.

Can I self-request a ban?

We take your well-being seriously. If you ever feel like you need to take a break, just go to your User Profile and click on Self Lockdown. That feature will put you in a 24-hour gaming ban, which means you can continue to browse the site, participate in the group chat and use any other feature except for playing games.

How does Crash's bonus pot work?

The Crash bonus pot is made up of 0.6% of total bets for each round. The bonus is won whenever the multiplier has crashed on 4.20. The winnings are then dispersed proportionally to the entrants of this round who have wagered 1 coin or more. For example: If you bet 50 coins and the total bets for the round were 100 coins - you’d receive 50% of the bonus pot.

How does Wheel’s bonus pot work?

The Wheel bonus pot is made up of 0.6% of total bets for each round. The bonus is won whenever the wheel has landed on 3 greens in a row. The prize pool is divided up into thirds (for each of the green rounds). Participants who bet 1 coin or more on green in any of these 3 rounds are eligible for the bonus pot prize pool. The winnings are then dispersed proportionally to the entrants of the 3 rounds. For example: If you bet 50 coins in 1 of 3 rounds & the total bets for that round were 100 coins - you’d receive 50% of ⅓ of the bonus pot.

How do Daily Reward Cases and Supercharged Daily Cases work?

Every day you get free cases to open based on your level. You unlock more cases at each milestone as you level up, and each case has higher value drops than the previous one. You have the option to open all the unlocked cases every day or get Supercharged to be able to open all those cases along with extra Supercharged cases. All the Daily Reward Cases have a corresponding Supercharged version.

For example, if you are at level 11, you can open level 2+, level 5+, and level 10+ cases every day. But you also have the option to get Supercharged and open all those cases and their Supercharged versions for a total of 6 cases.

How do I get Supercharged?

Whenever you reach your daily minimum deposit amount, you get Supercharged. You can click on the button with the lightning bolt icon on the top right-hand side of the screen in the navigation bar to see your minimum deposit amount based on the level you are currently at. The minimum deposit amount increases as you level up, and so does the value of cases you will get to open.

You can get Supercharged once a day and it lasts for 2 hours. During this time you get double XP playing any of the games which helps you level up faster, get the Supercharged version of your available Daily Cases, and get the green lightning bolt next to your name all across the site for everyone to see. 

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds under any circumstances except for proven losses due to technical issues on our side.

Please note that internet connection issues on the user’s side are not considered a technical issue.

If you believe you have lost any coins due to an error from our system, make sure to contact our support team with a full explanation of the issue and the ID of the match in case of the loss happening while playing any of the games. You can get the match ID by clicking on the Provably Fair button with the shield icon available on every game’s page.

Why did the price of my skin drop?

Our pricing strategy is based on a mixture of automatic monitoring of Steam’s skin trading market and manual adjustments to offer the fairest prices to our users. Since the CSGO skin market is a P2P marketplace, it is very volatile and the prices can fluctuate constantly depending on the item's demand and trading frequency.

How much does a coin cost?

Each CSGOLuck coin is equal to 0.7 USD.

Can I send coins to other players?

To protect you from scammers and people spamming the chat asking for coins, we do not offer that feature.

How do I level up?

We have a wager-based level-up system on CSGOLuck. You can level up by simply playing any of the available games. There is a progress bar in your User Profile showing you where you are in terms of your current and upcoming level. By clicking on the level up section in your user profile and clicking on View All Levels, you will be taken to the levels page where you can see how much it takes to reach every level.

What are the requirements to chat?

For us to be able to make sure our group chat maintains its friendly, non-toxic, and spam-free nature, we require users to be at level 5 or higher to use this feature.

Can I withdraw the skins I win?

The equivalent coin value of all the skins won from Daily Reward Cases, Case Opening, or Case Battles will be added to your balance based on their value shown at that moment.

How does your affiliate program work?

We operate our affiliate program on a revenue share basis. It means whenever you refer a user to the site and they use your affiliate code to register, you share up to 25% of our revenue coming from that user, based on your Affiliate Tier. This amount is shown in the sidebar of the Dashboard tab on the Affiliates page as Revenue Share. If your total Revenue Share is a negative amount at the end of the month, we ignore it and start fresh for the next month. But if it’s a positive amount, it will be automatically moved to your Affiliate Wallet shown right under the Revenue Share in the sidebar. Any amount available in your Affiliate Wallet is available to be claimed at any time. Once you claim your Affiliate Wallet amount using the Claim Share button at the bottom of the sidebar, a request will be sent to our staff for review. We usually authorize these claims in under 24 hours. After the claim is authorized the amount will be transferred to your main balance which can later be used to wager in different games or withdraw CSGO skins. 

To learn more about the details of each Affiliate Tier, check out the Affiliate Program tab on the Affiliates page.

How can I mute all the sounds on the site?

Simply go to your User Profile, and disable Sound Effects from the Settings tab.

How can I check my activities on the site?

You can go to your User Profile, In the Transactions tab, you will find your last 100 transactions including deposits, withdrawals, rewards, wagers, and wins from all the games.

How do I report an issue or bug on your site?

To report any issue with any of our services please contact our support team at [email protected] or use our support system accessed via the green bubble on the bottom right of the screen as soon as possible. If you have found a bug or exploit, kindly send us a detailed report and get a chance to be rewarded as part of our bug bounty program.

Didn't find an answer to your question?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries or use our support system accessed via the green bubble on the bottom right of the screen. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.