Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a deposit?

Head over to the deposit tab in the top-right corner. From here you can browse through your available skins in your inventory.

Why can’t I see my CS:GO Skins?

Make sure you have set your inventory to “public” by clicking If your skins are still not showing in your inventory, they might be in escrow before they appear in your inventory.

How can I withdraw skins?

By going to the ‘withdraw’ section in the top-right corner. Browse our selection of skins and if you have the available balance, click withdraw to receive the skin in exchange for coins.

I was contacted by a member of CSGOLuck staff on Steam?

We DO NOT reach out to any players through Steam. Any messages you receive from players pretending to be from CSGOLuck are likely to be trying to scam you.

How do I tip a friend or member of chat?

You can tip a member of the chat by clicking on that player's name, selecting the tip option and entering the amount you would like to tip that player. If you know the Steam ID or profile URL of the player you’d like to tip, select the menu in chat. Click ‘tipping’, enter the Steam ID/profile URL of the player you wish to tip, the amount of coins and hit submit.

Does CSGOLuck have a bet limit?

The maximum bet value for roulette and crash games is 3000 coins and 5000 coins for the rest of games.

Is CSGOLuck provably fair?

All our games are provably fair. After each round we produce a hash key which you can enter to find the round and will also show the previous round, so you can be sure our outcomes are 100% legitimate.